Measurement of pH, redox potential, conductivity and temperature

Our company develops and supplies pH-meters M2001-EP, redox meters M2001-ER and conduct meters EMV11. All of these devices  measure water temperature and are easily attachable with the telemetric station M4016-G3. Great advantage of this connexion is a possibility to sent warning SMS messages.

If the station M4016-G3 is used like a control technolgy system of WWTP,  the station can control and adjust dosage of neutralizing solution.

Measurement of  pH, redox potential, conductivity and temperature

M2001-EP and M2001-ER

The pH meter and redox meter have the same electronic and mechanic parts like the oxymeter M2001-EK. Each device always consists of the calibration unit and straight sensor. Communication between them is via the interface RS485, that is why sensors can be placed up to 500m far away from the calibration unit.

The basic configuration of pH-meters and redox meters

Both devices consist of the calibration unit M2001-EP (-ER) (with a screen and keyboard) and straight sensor EMP11 (EMR11).  Both parts has its own microprocessor and communicate via serial interface RS485.

The calibration unit displays measured variables and water-temperature. It is possible to do a regular calibration of pH sensor by unit keyboard. The calibration unit has galvanic separated active current output 4-20mA and 3 general purpose relays. The second output is delivered on request.

Straight sensors EMP11 (EMR11) are placed into a right position by a simple rustles holder DE1. Also, we supply a rustles holder with a small roof K1 for placing the calibration unit in outdoor environment.

The economic configuration

The telemetric station M4016-G3 contains a soft function for calibration of a pH sensor EMP11. So it is possible to omit calibration units M2001-EP and M2001-ER from the configuration, when low purchase costs are needed. The only disadvantage of this solution is that the telemetric station is usually placed so far from the measuring point and some trouble with calibration pH sensor could happened.

The omission of the unit M2001-EP or M2001-ER is an advantage for measuring of dissolved oxygen in lakes and open troughs.

Conductmeter EMV11

In contrast to previous devices, the conductmeter EMV11 does not contain the calibration unit and data are transferred into the telemetric station M4016-G3 via the serial interface R485. The conductmeter EMV11 measures thermally compensated conductivity and water temperature. The range of measurement is adjustable in 3 levels (from 0-500uS to 0-50mS).

Connection of devices with telemetric station M4016-G3

Data transmiting from all our devices (type M2001-Ex or EMx11) into the telemetric station M4016-G3 goes through a digital interface. Therefore, the calibration unit can be as far away as 500m from the station. All instruments are charged from a telemetric station accumulator with 13,3V by a communication cable.