Temperature and heat flow sensors

PT100-XM teplotní snímač

Temperature sensor containing platinum temperature sensor Pt100-A

  • Stainless steel protective case
  • Durable polyurethane cable
  • Accurate and stable Class A sensor (measurement error at 0 °C less than ± 0.15 °C)

Accurate and long-term stable temperature probe with Pt100 class A sensor

  • Very stable evaluation electronics (temperature dependence max 5 ppm)
  • Resolution up to 0.002 °C, measuring range from -50 °C to + 80 °C
  • Digital data output via RS485 connectable to all offered dataloggers and telemetric stations

Protection of temperature and relative humidity sensors against radiation and rain.

  • UV resistant plastic lamellas with low thermal conductivity and high reflectivity
  • Optionally 5 or 7 blades depending on the size (length) of the sensor used
  • The delivery also includes a universal stainless steel holder
  • Easy and fast clamping of the sensor in a plastic collet
Převodník Pt100/RS485

External transmitter for accurate temperature measurement using Pt100-A sensors

  • The module meets high protection IP68 (permanent immersion in water)
  • Resolution up to 0.002 °C, measuring range from -50 °C to + 80 °C
  • Communication with FIEDLER AMS units via RS485 bus
  • Monitoring of temperatures in different depths of water or soil

Ceramic sensor with a diameter of 80 mm with very low temperature resistance.

  • Measurement of heat fluxes in soil and building structures
  • Passive sensor with high sensitivity (type 50 uV/W/m2)
  • The sensor HFP01 can be connected to a TEP06/P or TEP06 converters with RS485 output
MINILOG - Datalogger pro přesné měření teploty

Datalogger for accurate measurement of temperatures and soil moisture

  • 6 inputs for connecting Pt100 temperature sensors or VIRRIB soil moisture sensors
  • High temperature measurement accuracy with adjustable resolution from 0.1 °C to 0.002 °C
  • Delivery including 1 to 6 Pt100 class A temperature sensors, PUR cable from 1 to 30 m
  • Integrated battery with a lifespan of up to 20 years of operation