PO2D - Combined overvoltage protection

PO2D - kombinovaná přepěťová ochrana

Basic description

  • Combined two-stage overvoltage protection of two-core signal line and 22 to 24 V DC supply line
  • Suitable for protection of RS485 data lines or 4-20 mA signal lines
  • Separate terminals for power line protection (without resistive coupling)
  • Designed to protect MaR control systems, installation just in front of the protected equipment
  • Pulse overvoltage protection between input terminals (a, b, c, d) and earth fault protection (PE)
  • Transverse overvoltage protection between individual terminals (a - b, c - d)
  • Mounting on DIN rail 35 mm

Wiring examples

PO2D - kombinovaná přepěťová ochrana

Price list