Parameterization of stations via the Internet

The user of data hosting with higher data access can do a remote parameterization of stations via web browser.

All parametric files of the station are saved in the data memory of the server. The latest 20 parametric files are accessible. The user can download these files from the server into the computer and open them via software MOST. It is possible to return to old parameters of the station. This could be useful during customization of setting-up.

Each change of a parametric file through the server is “signed” by the name of logged user. Also the new parametric files have the date and time when they were sent into the server database.

The station receives the parameterization from the server, when the station logs on into the server (e.g. during regular data transferring). When the station finds out that the new file is prepared for it on the server, the station downloads it throughout GPRS network. Exceeding login on of the station into the server can be raise by sending the ordering SMS into the station.