OPTO snímač k vodoměru


OPTO sensors are converters of rotary motion of a certain specified part of the water meter (so-called mirrors) into electrical pulses, which can be archived in a connected datalogger or other recording unit.

Division of OPTO sensors according to the type of water meter

Manufacturers of water meters (ABB, Hydrometer, Sensus Metering System - formerly Meinecke, Schlumberger, etc.) use several types of mutually incompatible "slots" to mount the OPTO sensor head, which corresponds to the range of OPTO sensor heads. Depending on the head type, OPTO sensors are numbered OPTO6 to OPTO11.

In addition to the type of sensor head, optical sensors are also divided according to their own current consumption.

VC sensors

The standard design of sensors marked with the VC code in the name requires a long-term connection to a data logger powered from the mains voltage source, because the continuous consumption of such a standard OPTO sensor in the range of 5-10 mA does not allow its long-term power supply from battery or accumulator.

VLP sensors

For battery operation, Low Power OPTO sensors are marked with the VLP code in their name. The current consumption of these sensors is less than 0.1 mA and therefore they overload the connected datalogger - the telemetry unit from which they are powered.

Low power VLP sensors are usually more expensive than basic VC sensors.

Pulse weight

The pulse can take on different weights expressed in liters / s depending on the type of water meter. The pulse weight is usually equal to 1 l / s or a decimal multiple (10 l / s, 100 l / s).