Meteorological and snowpack measurement stations

  • Accurate and durable measuring control panel M4016, H1, H3 or H7
  • Up to 200 recording channels, a wide range of sensors
  • Built-in GSM / GPRS module for automatic data transfers to the server
  • Low current consumption allows operation without external power supply
  • Easy expansion of the station with additional sensors and transducers
  • Special snow cushion for measuring the weight of the snow cover
  • Ultrasonic snow cover height sensor
  • Multipoint measurement of air and soil temperatures
  • Possibility of connecting an anemometer, volumetric flow meter of melting water, ...
  • Automatic data transfers to the server, warning SMS
plovoucí meteorologická stanice
  • Location of the complete meteorological station on the floats
  • Measurement of up to 96 different quantities
  • Automatic transfer of measured data to a server on the Internet
  • Anchoring the station with buoys maintains the direction of the station on the surface even when the water level changes
Warning rain gauge station

Adjustable rain gauge and telemetry stations sets are suitable for the building of flood warning systems and individual measurement points.

  • Continuous calculation of the moving sum of precipitation
  • Automatic sending of warning SMS
  • Regular data transfer to the database server on the Internet