Water level meters


Various mechanical and material design of probes for all of your applications

  • Continuous level measurement of the drinking and waste water
  • Measuring ranges from 0,4 to 100 m, accuracy up to 0.1%, stainless steel or ceramic diaphragms
  • Cable with capillary tube for pressure compensation with a filter
  • Connectable to the telemetric stations from FIEDLER

Non-contact sensing of water and sludge level

  • Several types of sensors with ranges from 0 - 1m to 0 - 25m
  • Sensors with a rise time of up to 2 sec (suitable for battery-powered assemblies)
  • All offered types can be connected to FIEDLER AMS telemetry stations and dataloggers
  • We offer various types of brackets for quick and easy installation of sensors

Non-contact level measurement of liquids and sludges

  • High level measurement accuracy ± 2 mm
  • Measuring range up to 30 m, very small dead zone
  • 4-20 mA output signal, two-wire connection (Modbus, SDI-12)
  • Various types and sizes of funnel antennas, including encapsulated ones
Level gauges for wells, boreholes and reservoirs

Kits for reliable level measurement in tanks, boreholes and wells

  •  Immersion strain gauge level sensor with cheap cable without capillary
  • Automatic compensation of atmospheric air pressure in the unit
  • Pure battery operation and power supply from an external power supply
  • Professional solution at a low price
plovákový spínač NIVOFLOAT

Float floating level switches for clean and waste water

  • Double enclosure of the switch for high operational reliability
  • Mercury-free changeover contact for 250 V / 8 A - direct connection of pump controls
  • Working pressure up to 200 kPa (NW-100 series)
  • Operating ambient temperature up to 50 °C



Čerpací zkoušky

Assembly for automatic performance of hydrodynamic pumping tests

  • Pumping control to constant flow or level
  • Automatic test execution without operator presence
  • Remote data collection and control via web browser
  • Possible supplementation of the record with qualitative parameters (pH, conductivity, ...)
  • Reliable hydrometric and rain gauge stations
  • Flood and torrential rain warning
  • Data transmissions compatible with the network of limnigraphic stations operated by the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute (ČHMÚ) and Povodí enterprises
  • Graphical and tabular visualization of data on a free accessible server www.hladiny.cz
  • Affordable warning stations