Level float switches

Level float switches NIVOFLOAT NL, NW

NIVOFLOAT float switches series NL-100

The float switches of the NIVOFLOAT NL-100 series are used for switching the required levels of drinking and waste water. The double polypropylene housing enables perfect watertightness and the cable length of 5.10, 20 m in PVC or neoprene design meets even the most demanding requirements. Inside the float is a built-in mercury-free switch, which switches at an angle of 45°.

Plovákové spínače NIVOFLOAT řady NL-100

Use of counterweights for the NL-100 series

By inserting the cable into the counterweight from the conical constriction side, the ring is broken during rotation. The ring allows you to set a fixed point on the cable given the position of the counterweight.

NIVOFLOAT float switches NW-100 series

For very demanding applications, the NW-100 series was created, which has a robust construction and almost 2x larger float volume than the NL series. Thanks to the larger volume, the float has a better ability to work in denser liquids. Another advantage of this series is the functionality even without counterweights.

Plovákové spínače NIVOFLOAT řady NW-100


Cable connection of float sensors

Float sensors are equipped with a three-core cable for direct connection of pump controls. The cable can be PVC or Neoprene insulated. When ordering the switch, it is necessary to specify not only the type of cable but also its length: 5 m, 10 m and 20 m.

Cable connection for pumping from the sump:

the float is at the bottom: the blue and black wires are closed
the float is above: blue with the black wire open



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Maximum load capacity of the changeover contact250 V AC / 8 A
Work pressuremax. 100 kPa (NL-100), max 200 kPa (NW-100)
Operating temperaturemax +50°C
Float body materialpolypropylene, double jacket
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