Optical dissolved oxygen measurement


Rod or suspension probe for optical measurement of dissolved oxygen

  • Luminescent optical measuring method
  • Measurement without the need to calibrate the sensor
  • The sensor does not require flow around the measuring head
  • RS485 sensor interface compatible with E2, H7 and M2001E units
Oxymetr M2001-EKO

Assembly for measurement of dissolved oxygen by optical luminescence method

  • Unit with 4-20 mA output and 3x programmable relays
  • Reliable and accurate measurement of modern technology
  • The sensor does not require calibration or bypassing the measuring head with solution
  • There is no need to replace the electrolyte and clean the worn anode
Detail DE2

Stainless steel holder for mounting the ESKO12 sensor    

  • Suitable for rod sensors with a length of 500 to 2500 mm
  • Adjustable position for optimal sensor placement
  • Easily removable part of the holder with sensor for calibration and cleaning
  • Easy installation on railings using brackets