TSH22 Hydrostatic submersible level probe

Accurate and robust immersion water level and temperature sensors with digital output via RS485.

Hydrostatický snímač hladiny TSH22

  • High level measurement accuracy (0.1% of measuring range)
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Very low temperature dependence due to microprocessor signal processing
  • Measuring ranges from 0..1 m to 0..10 m above sea level.
  • Integrated temperature sensor inside the sensor
  • Sensor diameter 22 mm for installation even in narrow boreholes
  • Durable stainless steel design of the sensor body
  • RS485 communication interface - FINET communication protocols (Modbus RTU)
  • Optional connector connection for easy sensor recalibration
  • Special semi-permeable filter preventing the penetration of air humidity into the compensating capillary of the sensor

Basic description

The TSH22 water level and temperature pressure sensor is characterized by high measuring accuracy (0.1% FSO) and very low temperature dependence of the measured value.

The base of the sensor is a 19 mm sensor with a stainless steel membrane. The built-in microprocessor compensates for the temperature dependence of the sensor and its possible nonlinearity. The water temperature is measured by a separate sensor located in the sensor body and can be transmitted via the RS485 serial interface together with the level to the connected master system.

The sensors are supplied as standard with the FINET communication protocol, through which it can be easily and quickly connected to all FIEDLER AMS recording units (M4016, H1, H7, Q2, H40, STELA). On request, the sensor can also be supplied with a Modbus RTU interface.

Connection cable termination

The connecting polyurethane cable with a compensating capillary can be loosely terminated with crimped sockets on the individual signal wires, or it can be provided with a robust 7-pin connector at the end.

Konektorové zakončení

Zapojení konektoru TSH22

1 ... + Unap (6 V DC)
2 ... not used
3 ... not used
4 ... not used
5 ... RS485-B
6 ... RS485-A
7 ... GND


The connector end of the connecting cable has the advantage of quickly disconnecting the sensor from the recording unit in the event of a fault or other damage to the sensor and when recalibrating the sensor. In addition, the connector includes a semi-permeable filter to equalize the atmospheric pressure of the air behind the sensor membrane.

Free cable termination:


Zakončení kabelu TSH22


Optional accessories

Hanging device
A stainless steel suspension device can be ordered together with the probe, which serves to safely hang the sensor behind the connecting cable to the required position without inadmissible local clamping of the cable and thus possible constriction of the compensating capillary.

Závěs ke snímači TSH22


Filter  DA284
The loosely terminated cable requires additional treatment of the compensating capillary against the ingress of air humidity into the probe body to the sensitive electronics. Usually this treatment is performed by placing a suitable filter in the wall of the housing of the recording or evaluation unit to which the probe is connected. The filter can also be located in the wall of the connector at the end of the connecting cable.

The air-permeable filter DA284 allows the air pressure inside the wiring box or connector to be equalized with the ambient atmospheric pressure.

However, the semi-permeable membrane of the filter does not allow the penetration of air humidity into the protected space and thus prevents condensation of water vapor inside the device.

Examples of use

  • Groundwater level measurement
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Monitoring of levels and temperatures in open streams
  • Basic sensor for warning systems (LWS)
  • Measurement of levels in reservoirs and reservoirs
  • Level sensing in industrial plants


Basic technical parameters

Measuring channelsK1: level, K2: water temperature
Measuring range K1vpourable in the range from 0..1 to 0..10 m of water column (standard: 1, 2, 5, 7 a 10 m)
Permitted overload1,5x measuring range
Level measurement accuracy±0,1% (0,35 %) FSO
Level resolution1 mm
Accuracy of water temperature measurement±0,3 °C
Water temperature resolution0,1 °C
Long-term stability±0,1% FSO
Temperature dependence±0,2% FSO / 10K
Output signalRS485
Communication protocolFINET (Modbus RTU)
Baud rateFINET: 1200 Bd až 19200 Bd; Modbus RTU: 2400 Bd až 38400 Bd
Power voltage6V to 16 V DC
Current consumption< 5 mA
Working temperature range0 to +50 °C
Membrane and sensor body materialstainless steel 1.4044
Membrane protective cover materialPOM
Sensor dimensionsdiameter 22 mm, length 120 mm
Weight170 g without cable
CoverIP68 (sensor with cable)
Connector coverIP67
Connectionfour-core PUR cable with comp. capillary
Connecting cable diameter8 mm
Price list