Monitoring of deflections and shifts of engineering constructions

The telemetric station M4016-G3 which is configured for 32 recording channels also can be used for monitoring of:

  • small movements or deflections of girders in engineering constructions and bridges
  • shifts of rocks, and other similar applications.

Converters TEP-08 have to be modified for measurement of very small changes in output signals of used sensors. These changes are elicited by stretching of background carrier of tens meter sensing element . Maximally 4 modified converters TEP-08 can be connected with one station. Converters can be placed in a wide area around the station because of the communication via serial interface RS485 which allows 500 meters long cables between the station and converters.

A build-in GSM/GPRS module in the station is used for transferring of measured data into the server in regular intervals. Also, it is used for sending warning SMS messages when measured values reach the adjusted level.

Units M4016 are compact and moisture resistant. M4016 have very low power consumption and can work several months without changing of the battery.