Extension of irrigation systems about measurement of meteorological values

Extension about measurement of meteorological values

Registration units M4016-RV are designed for controlling of a large irrigation network. These units also measure and archive data from connected sensors.

Stations M4016-RV can be equipped by chosen meteorological sensors:

  • Rain gauge SR02 or SR03
  • Anemometer W2
  • Sensor of global radiance SG002 or CMP3
  • Combined sensor of relative air humidity and air temperature RV12
  • Temperature sensors Pt100 (usable mainly for measurement of soil temperatures in different depths)
  • Sensor of soil humidity VIRIB

Anemometer W2, pyranometer and sensor RV12 are connected with station M4016-RV by a METEO converter. 2 anemometers W2, 2 pyranometers and 2 sensors RV2 can be connected with one converter.