Monitoring and control units for water supply

C8 řídící jednotka Modular control and recording unit

Telemetric modular control unit for water and industrial applications

  •  120 analog and 240 binary recording channels
  • modular concept with connection connectors located in the DIN rail
  • 4 RS485 buses for connecting probes and sensors under Modbus RTU protocol
  • Backup power supply, built-in GSM / GPRS com. module, remote management from the server
Telemetrická stanice H7 FIEDLER, GPRS datalogger, záznamová a řídící jednotka

Universal multi-channel measuring and recording unit for data acquisition and control

  • Up to 96 measuring analog and 208 binary channels with recording
  • 4 channels reserved for flow measurement in open profiles
  • Built-in GSM / GPRS module, automatic data transfer to the database on the server
  • Unit control and above-standard functions
  • Comprehensive management of water industry facilities (WWTP, pumping stations, storage water tanks)
  • Telemetric and limnigraphic station, meteorological station, warning system
  • Build-in GSM/GPRS module: warning and control SMS, data transfers into the Internet
  • Software support for the communication between devices, time and logic control of relay, etc.
  • Modular system ensuring the high versatility of the stations
Ŕídící jednotka pro ČS, čerpací stanice, PLC pro řízení ČS, GPRS datalogger

Telemetry unit designed for control and monitoring of pumping stations

  • Control of pumping stations where it is not necessary to monitor the accumulated values
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS module: warning and control SMS, transmissions to the Internet
  • Remote control from water tank via SMS or GPRS
  • Low cost
převodník 4-20mA/RS485 External Input/Output modules

I/O modules for expanding the number of inputs and outputs of telemetry units

  • I/O modules for expanding the number of binary inputs and relay outputs
  • Accurate measuring input modules for 4-20 mA current signals, output RS485
  • Output modules for expansion of 4-20 mA current outputs, input RS485
  • Surge protection module, temperature measurement module with Pt100 sensors and more
M4016-RV telemetric station for the regulation valves control
  • Diaphragm regulation valves control
  • Monitoring and regulation of pressure in a water supply system according to daily curves - loss minimization
  • Build-in GSM/GPRS module: warning and control SMS, data transfers into the Internet
  • Fully functional data logger