Measurement of rain-fall quantity and intensity - a local alert system

Our company supplies rain-gauges SR02 and SR03 with collecting area 200cm2 and 500cm2. Larger rain gauge SR03 has resolution 0,1mm rainfall/one pulse, smaller SR02 has resolution 0,1-0,2mm. For quick and easy placing of rain-gauges in landscape we deliver a rustless holder with concrete paver.

rain gauge station, graphs, warning system Pulse outputs of rain-gauge can be connected with inputs of M4016-G3, H1 and STELA. All stations  have inputs for air-temperature sensors. If the rain-gauge is a part of larger measuring system, it is joined with M4016-G3 station. If the rain-gauge should run separately, then it is better to use smaller station STELA-1B or H1 for measurement and data transfer into the server.



Measurement of rain-fall quantity and intensity

Single purpose stations are preffered becouse of their smaller size, lower purchace costs and battery life up to 8 years without its changing. All 3 telemetric stations can calculate the moving sum. If measured values reach permited levels, stations send warning SMS via GSM/GPRS network.