Level measurement in boreholes and remote data collecting

 Level monitoring, water level, underground water, monitoring

Small telemetric station STELA is very suitable for data collecting from objects without line voltage. Usual interval of data transfering is one day.

One of these objects is a borehole in which water-level, temperature and conductivity are monitored.


We have delivered roughly 200 measuring sets which contained STELA station and immersion pressure sensor of water-level. A part of the delivery is also a rustless holder for the station.

Characteristic of this measuring configuration are: Level measurement in boreholes and remote data collecting

  • Running time up to 8 years without battery changing
  • Narrow robust box made from stainless steel
  • Low purchase and operating costs of the set.
  • Data display on the server (for example graphs of distance of water-level from well head, above sea level in boreholes, etc.)
  • Pomocí virtuální stanice lze rychle vzájemně porovnávat kolísání hladin ve vybraných vrtech
  • Full parameterisation of the station via the Internet and software MOST
  • Absolutely service-free running